Get your real estate license by

Investing time in prelicensing education, passing the state and any national real estate license exams.

You will want to find a broker to work for and one that has the resources to kick start your career in addition to helping you through the real estate license process. There are many companies to choose from but there are a few things that you NEED to clarify that will increase your future odds of success.

One of the major reasons new Realtors® leave real estate is because they run out of cash. They don’t have the money to sustain themselves until commission checks start coming in. They spend too much money on office & desk fees. What they should be doing is spending that cash on marketing programs that will generate CURRENT real buyer & seller leads to deal with. You want a proper listing presentation, area mailer layouts etc. – the things that will generate lead and help close deals. You really want a mentor or knowledgeable Coach who can guide you in the initial stages. Of the major companies, Keller Williams has the lowest fees in the industry and the best training. They are the largest real estate company in the world and offer the opportunity for generate income over and above real estate commission. If you want to have a bit more detail you can check it out here.

All states have real estate license requirements

No matter where you live in the USA you will want or have to take a real estate relicensing course from an accredited real estate licensing school. Each state’s requirement vary so be sure to check where you live. Once you have completed the course you would obtain your certificate of completion and transcripts and schedule your state real estate licensing exam. If you register with the right accredited real estate licensing school they will be able to provide you mock exams and personalized training.

Once you have passed your exam & real estate license requirements have been met

There is a lot you can actually do to prepare for the day you actually receive your license. Obviously you can’t sell real estate or hold yourself out as a licensed real estate agent but you can get organized and do a lot of the behind the scenes work such as preparing your sphere of influence, getting Facebook ads ready, get listing presentations ready, website development – there is a LOT you can get done to make sure you have leads coming in from the day you start.

Have your real estate license but not sure what to do next?

We offer a wide range of options if you want to get off to a quick start. Our solutions focus more on the practicable side of how to actually manage programs as opposed to discussing the concept of the programs.  As an example general traing will tell you to use your sphere of influence. Our traing will show you the forms to use, how to track and stay in touch, the frequecny of when to contact, what to say scripts for both verbal and written communication. Have a look at the various real estate training programs we offer.